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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Heaven on Earth.

So, now for my trip up north. WOW. Words are so confining when it comes to drescribing the feel, smell, awesomeness and beauty of the place I went to on April Holiday. I think I will just have to resort to Spicer's method of ten, and some pictures. For a bit of background info. I went up north near the Chinese border for a week of break. It took two days of driving to get there and a 1 hour flight to get back. I went with 5 other staffers and one student.

Hunza Top Ten

10 – Eating breakfast in a Chai shop over-looking the Indus River.

9 – Standing on the spot where the Himalayan, Hindu Kush, and Karakoram Mountain Ranges meet.

8 – Hunza Tea (Tomoru Tea)…the best in the world.

7 – Our nightly Skip-bo sessions.

6 – Waking up every morning to some of the highest mountains in the world!

5 – The near-death experience of riding on the KKH (Karakoram Highway) and dragging our gas tank for about two miles till the driver figured out that it wasn’t a flat tire!

4 – Picking up Garnets beside the road….yes, that’s real semi-precious stones…by the handful!

3 – Being invited in to a village house for lunch and a lesson on how to make chapatti’s

2 – Doing a day trek up to a glacier meadow then walking across a water channel carved into a sheer rock face 400 ft. high! An architectural phenomenon built over 200 year ago!

1 – Going across and Indiana Jones style suspension bridge!! Whoohoo!!


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