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Friday, January 21, 2005

the work of redemption

I'm not really sure whats going to come of this blog, other than a means to putting my thoughts into words. Much discussion has been happening lately on the issue of marriage, and love...mostly due to the holiday of last week - Valentines Day for those of you who are living in denial.

Recent issues of topics I've given much thought to lately:

- Valentines Day...and the reason for it.
- Committed Marriages [my parents celebrated their 27th year this week]
- Redeeming Love [a christian novel written as a parody of the book of Hosea...I highly recommend it for anyone]
- A co-worker/friend who is now dealing with the shame of having told his significant other of a past he's not so proud of.

I look at marriages that have withstood the storms and are now shinning examples of a glimpse of what our relationship with Christ should be. I read Redeeming Love and am in awe of the example of God's love for us, and only pray that I could find a man half as forgiving as the guy in the book. Then my heart breaks when a friend tells me [holding back tears] of his having to break the news to his girlfriend that he is not a virgin. My first reaction once alone was to cry out to God and ask why He had to let Satan take another of his children and burden them with such a past. I hate that our society has programmed us to think that some sins are greater than others. I don't see it that way. I do believe that some sins have greater concequences, but they are no worse. It is because of even a little white lie that I have told that God cannot look at me because I am not pure, I am sinful, I have sinned. And when Christ is in us, God doesn't see any of those matter how big or small....He just see's the blood of His Son. A friend of mine once said that the key to resisting temptation is to accept in your mind that you are capable of all sins. To tell yourself "I am capable of committing adultery." And once you know that that is possible, you will be sure to not only come against situations that would tempt you towards such sins, but also; give grace to those who have not been able to. We are not perfect, we all make mistakes.

I think I've rambled on long enough. I don't know why this is such a touchy subject for me, it just really gets me worked up sometimes. I've been thinking about it all evening [since I talked to my coworker] and with nobody in the house....this is my way of spilling. My heart really goes out to him, and if you think about it, say a prayer for him. Thanks.



  • At 10:43 AM, Blogger rockin it up said…

    i think that's really great what you just put to words. I think so few Christians see things that way, because we don't immediately think of mercy and grace when those kinds of things come up, like Christ does. Grace is the most awesome thing in the world, a gift of SUCH POWERFUL worth, more christians need to learn how to give the gift of grace more would save so many so much pain and sorrow.

  • At 11:58 PM, Blogger mallymcnally said…

    I appreciate that you put so much thought and effort, not only in your blog posts, but also in your friendships. The fact that you couldn't sleep because of your concern for this co-worker, shows your character. You are a solid woman and I admire you. :)

  • At 7:34 PM, Blogger Spicer said…

    It's downright scary how much guilt human's are able to heap onto others. It's even scarier how Christians are able to make a 'Top Ten List' of the worse sins to be committed. How some sins can be ignored but other sins are just unforgiveable'. Then it is just exhilerating, to know that God doesn't work that way. He will always be able to forgive. It then reminds me, of how I should behave and act. It's quite convicting to realize how far away I am of not being judgemental or condeming.

    Great post, Katy. You're a great friend as well.


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