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Friday, March 18, 2005

Let your conscience be your guide - J. Cricket

WARNING!! Graphic pictures below!

I have been giving much thought lately to conviction. I would consider myself someone with a very healthy, and somewhat loud conscience. My conscience will not allow myself to get away with much. Not that I want it to. I want to be consided a woman of conviction. My latest struggle, although it might come across as a bit extreme, either way it is something I have been giving much thought to - Speeding. Yes, I said speeding. As in, driving faster than the Speed Limit. I believe God has put certain people in government over us, and that we are to honor that. So, by speeding I am going against something that God has set up to protect me. I like that I feel guilty for driving even 5 miles over the speed limit. It doesn't really bother me that I am driving faster than the speed limit, what bothers me is that I am going against something God has set in place. I think in some places the speed limit could/should be higher.

Anyways...this sort of ties in with something esle I was thinking about. My time in Thailand. I've sort of been reminiscing [sp?] of my time there, and the things I learned. Especially about the religion. As I am preparing to go to an Islamic country I am trying to prepare myself, and educate myself on their beliefs. I love learning about religions. Even though I find so many of them very sad. When I was in Thailand we were able to spend an afternoon with a Monk, he told us all about what they believed. Then when he was done talking he showed us the different 'hells' you must go through for all the sins you have committed in your past life. If you had lied in your past life you got your tongue ripped out and molten lava poured down your throat...and can see from the pictures. It made me sick, and I had to wonder how many Buddhists knew this about their religion. The pictures of the 'hells' were hidden at the back of the temple, behind a buddha statue. It was not easily visable. Who would want to be a part of a religion where they that is what they have to look forward to??? They say Buddhism is a religion of peace. How come you don't see any buddhists helping the refugees in the south of Thailand, or any buddhists helping the children in the slums who have to dig through the garbage every day for food?

The more I study religions the more I am thankful that God sent his Son to cover my sins, from lying, to speeding, to any of my selfish nature working its way into my life. Someone loved me so much that He went through a hellish death for me....I don't have to go through any HELL. I think its sad that so many people look at the christian religion and want nothing to do with it because of the christians. I've met some horrible christians in my life, but I've also met some real saints too. The thing about Christianity is...its not about the christian...its about Christ and his sacrifice for us. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a hypocrit. I don't always do the things I say. But one thing is for sure, I don't claim to be perfect!! In fact, the older I get the more horribly disgusted I am with my sins. I am a work in progress.

Anyways....I will stop with this little sermon here. Below are some of the pictures from Thailand. A country I will always hold very dear to my heart, and will always be in my prayers as I look forward to some day returning.

Buddhist Temple in Thailand Posted by Hello


  • At 7:05 PM, Blogger Spicer said…

    I'm very glad that Christainity isn't about the Christian but about the very amazing Christ. Unfortunately, all people can see day to day is the Christian. Hopefully, once in a blue moon we, Christians, can show a little bit of Christ to people.

    Do you have anymore Thialand pictures? I wouldn't mind seeing more if that isn't a hassle. I'm talking about the country and not just the graphic pictures.

  • At 12:53 PM, Blogger Diane said…

    yikes...I'm so glad that I will never have to endure the hells pictured in your post. I have been thinking a lot aout how selfish I am as we lead up to the rememberance of when the Lord did the most selfless thing possible. He endured hell for me even when He knew that I would never have anything good to offer Him. Praise the Lord!


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