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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

i am a victim.

And before you sit there and fret about it [or about the fact that i just used the word fret] I will tell you the story of my victimization [is that even a word?].

Last Saturday I was driving home from Michigan. Since driving that far would require any car to need a refueling I had to stop for gas. I was in Ohio. I must add, Ohio has some very nice rest stops on the turnpike. I hear back in the day [not sure what day that was] Ohio was known for its rest stops...and in that day, it wasn't a good thing. But on Saturday of last week their rest stops were pretty rockin'. I would have to say the best I've ever been in actually. Big, clean, nice eateries [man, I'm using some pretty old school words here]. Anyways...I was talking about petrol [score! another fun word!]. So, I pull up to the gas pump and swipe my debit card and enter in my PIN number. For some reason it tells me to enter it again, so I do. The same thing happens. Finally the gas station attendant comes out and tells me it must not be working right and suggests I back up and try the other pump. So I back up and try the other pump which works fine. Meanwhile the gas station boy fiddles around with the other pump and puts up an out of order sign. I finish pumping my gas, checking my oil, and cleaning off my windshield and go on my merry way.

Now I'm sure your wondering why on earth you just spent that last 60 seconds of you life reading that terribly unexciting bit of text. Here is why. As I found out yesterday when I was online checking my banking history so I could balance my check book I had been a victim of identity theft! Thats right, when they say 'it can happen to you,' they really meant 'it can happen to Katy'. And it did. A whole $71.70. I called my bank to ask about that extra charge and she said I had authorized my card three times at this one gas station, it triggered in my memory that whole episdoe at the station. The little weasle!

My Dad told me he heard of this guy who went to a store and payed with his credit card and the cashier set his card on the counter next to his register and picked up his cell phone like he was going to talk on it, when actually he was taking a picture of it. And then there was this other time when this guy was eating pizza with his family and he gave the waitress his credit card, but when she brought back the card, it wasn't actually his card. It was a credit card that looked like his card. Pretty sneaky.

The moral of the story: Be careful with that piece of plastic you carry around in your wallet. It can cause great troubles for you. Luckily for me, I have a great bank and they will credit my account the money all I have to do is fill out some form. Oh, and if that sneaky little gas station guy is reading this....I cancelled my card. So good luck using it again!


  • At 10:33 PM, Blogger Spicer said…

    The blog about the sister was very adorable and cute. Probably a lot like the sister. As for identity theft, I've been using some other guys card for close to 5 months now. Some guy named Christophe. Hope he doesn't mind too much.


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