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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Why am I not dead yet?!

I'm a bit of a daring person, I must admit. I've lived a daring life. I've done some pretty crazy things in my life. I like to push my limits and do scary things. I never realized until just recently how far back that desire for the dangerous went...all the way back to childhood [i know...its not that far away]. I also never realized until now that the further back I go...the more dangerous it seems I was. Basically, I should be dead. Here is why:

- When I lived in Japan my siblings and I would take tent flys and use them as parachutes. I know your big deal right. Well, we did this in the middle of a Typhoon!! We would literally fly down the street!!

- At one place we lived we had an enourmous tree in our front yard. It was serriously the best climbing tree ever. Well, we would climb from the tree to the roof and then swing down from the roof on a rope swing. In this neighborhood rope swings were the thing, cause I destinctly remember two other rope swings that were not only very high off the ground to begin with...but also sorta swung out over a very steep hill. Good thing I never feel off.

- We would take a bike tire inner tube and pull each other around on a make shift skate board and fling them across the concrete.

- And my personal favorite. There was a hill across that street call 'dead mans hill' [with good reason or so the rumors go] we would quite often slide down it on cardboard boxes pushing to see who could go on the steepest part without getting hurt. Well, we set up our own zipline using a yellow nylon camping rope tied to a tree on the top of Dead Mans Hill all the way down to a tree at the bottom. Then we would take a damp washcloth [it had to be wet otherwise it would burn up and break] and lay it over the rope holding on to both sides and slide down. Yeah, that one baffles am I still alive?

You may be wondering...where is my mother during all this. Well, for the most past we got away with it by telling her we were going to walk the dog [ a dreaded chore at the age of 10] especially in the case of the Typhoon when we weren't supposed to be outside. Whether she believed any of it I do not know. I do know, I loved my childhood, I loved living in Japan, and I especially love all the crazy things by brother and sister and I did. We were crazy.


  • At 6:39 PM, Blogger Spicer said…

    Wow, the side of Katy that I never knew. It sounds like you guys had a blast. I would have loved to do those things except I can't even walk straight. I would probably have been dead.

  • At 6:57 PM, Blogger mallymcnally said…

    Another experience that both Spicer and I witnessed where Katy should be dead-- the tubing hill at Medeba--- 3 adults, one tube and a whole lot of speed meets a snow wall... (that reads like a movie ad..)


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