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Monday, June 20, 2005


What makes a dream?
Or, more importantly - what makes a dream a reality?
How do we decide which dream to follow and which one to leave as a dream?

Dreams are so much a part of my life. They are what drive me to do different things, go different places. My dreams are what make me who I am. They are what sets me apart from my generation.

Sometimes I can't help but think of them as a curse. If it weren't for them I would have a normal life. When I measure my life against normalcy I feel like a failure. I see the normal things in life that I want to accomplish but haven't [my degree]. I see where my life is now, and the jobs I have had and I get discouraged.

So much of the time I feel like my struggle is between ministry and money. The jobs I want - don't pay; thus leaving me at square one. The jobs I don't want - do pay; thus helping me to make my dreams realities.

And now, I have just realized how totally vague this post is. But, I will post it anyways. Its the ramblings within my head without the details behind it all. Enjoy.


  • At 9:56 AM, Blogger mallymcnally said…

    i can totally relate to what you're saying... i'm convinced it's a part of being in our 20's... there's the people that do the "safe" thing-- go right to university to get a degree that they may or may not be sure about, but they have missed out on the life experiences that I know both of us have. You've done some awesome things with your life ALREADY, Katy... and there's so much more to come!

  • At 11:18 PM, Anonymous amanda said…

    yeah katy, i know what you mean. but on the other hand, i meet people who are my age and still in school and i think, "you're still doing that?" and it just seems like they have so much more to learn in the "life lessons" area that i almost feel sorry for them. but then i am a little envious at the same time because they are still in all that and they are going to (hopefully) get a good job doing what they love. but yeah...on the other hand, i think we have it so much better!:)

  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger D-Tone said…

    i made Napolean Dynamite style noises when Leigh read me this post. It was like "yes, thats so it . That verbalises all that i know to be true."
    It a strugle and a fight when you feel this way. And its one that i want to wrestle with for the rest of my life. Cause there will always be reasons why i should do one or the other.
    Its a struggle for those of us in our mid twenties too. And reassuringly I know at least one 40 year old that feels the same way. So maybe i'll get my wish of always feeling this way. Cause personally it motivates me.
    Thanks for the inspiring thouhts Katy. I feel motivated :)


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