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live intentionally.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Now thats a REAL camping trip.

Ok, maybe not quite. If you erase the house that we called a rock cliff, the water tank that was a giant tree stump, the security guards that were...umm...not sure - a nousense to be sure as they would shine their torches on anyone that was hoping for privacy as they did their business in the bush.

But, we made a fire, ate campers stew and s'mores, laughed our heads off, told 'most embarrassing moments,' went pee in the bush, slept under the stars until it rained, froze our toes off, got very little sleep, cooked breakfast over the fire, drank hot chocolate, and had a nice hike home. That's what I call camping. And I loved every moment of it, even if I didn't get any sleep. The girls loved it too, some really surprised me in how much they enjoyed it. They were really in their element. Now they are talking about a 3-day really roughing it camping trip next year. We'll see.

And then I got spoiled.

After a quite shower, I packed my bags, had a meeting with the director, then made my way down the hill to my home away from home. I had a very nice and relaxing 'chill' weekend of hanging out with cool people and eating good food. In the brief time there I managed to hit all the good eating spots...the Marriot, Serena, and Arizona Grill. yummy. I think I will go starve myself now. Although I was able to weigh myself this weekend and found out (much to my surprise) I haven't gained any weight. I think its mostly just muscle converting to fat. But, either way, I weigh the same.

I went away this weekend in hopes of coming up with a more solid decision for next fall. I thought I was doing ok until Sunday morning when a lady approached me about working for her. Yeah, I don't like these life changing decisions so much. Any advice?


What do you do for someone who has showered you with generosity and won't even allow you to so much as buy them an ice cream cone in return??


  • At 6:30 PM, Blogger mallymcnally said…

    what I did when someone was so kind, giving & loving-- I bought them a damien rice t-shirt.
    it's not the extravagence of a gift, it's the intent behind it. But then again- i know you already knew that!

  • At 7:39 AM, Blogger Travis said…

    I would learn how to receive instead of always giving and thank God for such good friends.

    But that's just me.

    I made it out of Kabul by the way. I am in Paris. I left all my credit cards in Pakistan so I am screwed! I am now sitting at the Hilton Paris waiting for my bank to fax something to the hotel so I can get a room. Would sure be nice to shower and sleep sometime soon!

    By the way, my plane tickets that I didn’t pick up… well they were not ready when I got back from Kabul so the travel agent had to sell his soul to get me on the flights I needed to be on (6 hours later). It all worked out though as it always does.

    Ok well this is turning into an e-mail and not a comment post. Sorry. Talk to you soon I hope.


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