Colossians 3:17

live intentionally.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Every girl wants to feel Beautiful.

This weekend was the High School Formal. A time that is supposed to be fun and exciting. A time when every girl gets to dress up, paint their nails, put on mascara, have a million bobby pins stuck in their head...and feel BEAUTIFUL.
Sadly, though, this weekend wasn't one of those times. At least not for all the girls. For some, it was a day when they believed the lie of Satan, that they aren't beautiful, they aren't captivating, they aren't worth fighting for.
I watched a girl, who in my opinion looked stunning sit in the seat of the bus with tears in her eyes as they drove away for the evening. It didn't matter how many times I assured her that she was beautiful, she needed to hear it from a guy. This girl has captured my heart and on that night turned it to mush. She put the other girls ahead of herself and spent hours beforehand helping other get ready. Because of her selflessness she didn't very much time to put make-up me, she was the most beautiful!


Two weeks from now I will be on the beaches of a tropical Island...what more could I want??


Anyone want to pay me lots of money this summer?


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