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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hail Storms and Basketball Practice

Well, I guess your thinking its about time I posted something on how I am doing. For those of you that keep up to date on my life, you should know that I am back overseas working at the boarding school. Its been good to be back, just very very different than last time. I am back in a different role than before which sorta makes me sad because my interraction with the kids is a lot less than I would like. But, maybe that will change.

This afternoon it poured cats and dogs and little balls of ice - hail. When it was all over the ground was completely covered it looked like it had snowed outside. All the little kiddies ran to their rooms and got their gloves and mitts and started the third world war. Ok, not really. But there was quite the battle going on and I had to go right through it to get to my classroom.

I have joined the Girls Staff Basketball Team. Actually...I should say I was joined since it wasn't really my choice. Not to say that I don't enjoy it, I do. Basketball was just never my sport. we had our second practice. I feel like such a klutz most of the time, but at least its good exercise.

Last evening four of us that live on the separate property walked back to our houses. Its a good 45 minute walk which I enjoy ever so much. It's just hard finding other people who are willing to do it with me.

That's all for now.


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