Colossians 3:17

live intentionally.

Monday, August 08, 2005

silly me

Today I did a completely "dumb blonde" thing. I somehow managed to get in the "EZ PASS" lane on the Turnpike (toll road). I didn't realize it until I noticed there was nobody standing in the booth to take my ticket, and then they were all out of the envelopes that you are supposed to send in so you can pay. There was a car behind me, so I was forced to just drive off.

Then, I got to work and found out I was 10 minutes late. I knew I was supposed to be at work at 2:15. I even told my Dad that before I left when he asked "aren't you cutting it a little close?" But for some reason in my mind I planned to leave like I would have if I had to be at work at 2:30. Silly me.


Has anyone seen my brain? I think I might have misplaced it.


I got to have my lunch break with one of my greatest friends in the world. Her and her sister are just so precious to me....even if they did completely forget my birthday.


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