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Saturday, September 10, 2005

stupid me.

I always thought I had this great gift of sensing things about people that most people don't seem to be able to pick up on. Like, when they are frustrated, angry, sad...I think I am able to pick up on it before most people. You would think that this great gift or ability would carry over into other

I'm so stupid when it comes to guys hitting on me. Serriously. Its almost embarrasing. Like the time when I was at the beach with my friends (all girls). I had just gotten in from playing in the waves and I looked like crap. I'm not just saying that too. Sand all in my hair in a tangled mess and either pasty white or sunburnt skin...nothing inbetween. I was not a pretty sight.

For some reason this guy (who had to have been blind) thought I was worth hitting on. He comes up to me and starts asking me something about "the night life." Not being from that area I just kindly told him that I didn't know much since I wasn't a local. Looking rather confused he continued to ask a few more questions, then finally walked away. My friends all just sat there laughing...and as soon as the guy went back over to his friends you could hear them howling with laughter as well. I just sat there very confused about the whole situation until my friends finally explained to me that he was trying to pick me up.

There have been a few more insidents like that, which I can't seem to recall - thankfully.

Except for the one that happened just the other night. It was my last night at Starbucks, and I was sitting outside on my break reading. First off, if you saw someone sitting reading wouldn't you think that means they don't want to be disturbed??? Anyways...this young, slim, nicely dressed, kinda cute guy comes out and asks if he can sit in the seat across from me. I think "sure, there are lots of other seats here, but its not my its not like I can say NO!" So, he starts a conversation, a few minutes into it he introduces himself. I come to find out he's a trucker. Been doing it for about a year and half. Not his dream job, but something to hopefully get him where he wants to be. He was nice, so I can't really complain. After a while he asked when I finished. I thought he meant when I finished my break. When he clarified; I told him (yeah, I know now...dumb move katy!) When my break was about to end he told me he might stop in again before we close, picked a flower and handed it to me, then shook my hand. Now, that was the freaky part!! It wasn't just a nice little handshake. NO!! It was one of those pause and rub my hand handshakes!! It was then (yeah, so I was a little slow) that I realized that he wasn't just some lonley trucker looking for someone to talk to.....NOPE. He wanted a little more than that...and I felt cheated, and used, and dirty all over. When all he did was shake my hand! I was so freaked out after that. I begged and pleaded to be sent home early...and I told them if he came back I would be in the back "doing dishes" and wouldn't be coming out until we closed.

It was one of those experiences where I wished I was more like my sister and told the guy off. Completely and unashamedly! When I was in Sri Lanka it was easy, because the guys weren't so nice and sly about it, no beating around the bush there...they just come right out and say it. So, it was easy to just flat out tell them to "GO AWAY!" But, when they are nice to you its so hard to be mean back. I think I have a guilt complex.


All this after a month of not blogging.

I hope to get some pictures up of my trip to Canada. Maybe tomorrow.


  • At 9:16 PM, Blogger MOLLY said…

    aww katy... you little temptress you! :) such a problem being a heartbreaker isn't it?
    I hear you though- seems the ones who are so forward are the ones you never want. and it's the ones that don't come forward you really want! It's a sick & twisted game- this singledom.
    Nice to have you back in the blog world!!

  • At 9:33 PM, Blogger Travis said…

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  • At 9:35 PM, Blogger Travis said…

    Good thing you are going back to the monastery soon where none of these "worldly problems" will bother you! Maybe instead of the weapons training we talked about I should just teach you how to be mean and send out “do not approach me” vibes…

    Oh well. I guess if you have to be hit on by a trucker; you probably had the youngest, cutest one do it… that is a plus! I am off for my third road trip in six weeks. After this I will have driven 7,600 miles in the past six weeks… I am kind of like a trucker… you want to shake my hand? HA HA man I crack me up.

    See you at the monastery,


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