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Friday, February 11, 2005

i am a lone reed....

As I sat here for the last 30 seconds figuring out what I am going to blog about today due to peer pressure, the line from "you've got mail" popped into my head [my title]. Lately I have been pondering the happenings of this past 7 months. There were days when I could definately see God leading my life and directing me. But now, I honestly wonder. Why would God open a huge door 6 months ago only to leave me sitting. I know there is a reason, but why? I have been wondering about his plans for my life past Pakistan. I have been going over the dreams that I believe God has given me and trying to figure out how I can make them happen. So much of what I want to do requires some serrious financial backing to get started. I'm trying not to limit God in that area, cause I know that its so small to Him, but my finite mind just can't seem to get around his leadings for me. God gave me a vision of a program 3 years ago. I have since talked to two other individuals who have the same passions, desires and ideas as me. The problem is -- we are just poor girls with a dream. The good thing -- we have God on our side.

Anyways....its February now. That means that if I got my visa tomorrow I would not make it to Pakistan till the begining of March. The school year there ends in May. What a waste, or at least it feels like a waste. Its all part of God plan right?? I'm trying to be open to staying another year, but I just want to get on with other things at the same time. It was no problem for me to commit to this year, considering I didn't have any plans, but next year I'd like to be moving more towards my life goals.

What should I do?
I'm open to suggestions.


  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger rockin it up said…

    suggestions for your life plan are hard to come by for sure. So many opportunities have opened up for me in the past several weeks. I had another one come in today, and it was one of those "easy, close to home, been there done that" kinda thing. The "comfortable" no header. And then I thought, God doesn't want me where I've already been, He's gonna guide me to something new, stretch me in my new life and marriage, and bind Dave and I together...but I don't allow Him to do that when I'm IN my comfort zone. I don't know about you, maybe that helps, but that's what God told me to do. Step out in faith...scary stuff, still don't want to. lol ~LE~

  • At 3:15 PM, Blogger Diane said…

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  • At 5:40 AM, Blogger akh said…

    i think you should try out again for that job with the mennonite university...either that, or work on a cruise ship. hot guys always travel on boats nowadays..and if would probably be working. it'd be like a fairy tale..just assess your options, pray, and pick the one that suits you the most!
    love you!
    (otherwise, you could definitely get a job here teaching english..they're everywhere)

  • At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Jessica H said…


  • At 11:49 PM, Anonymous Kiwi Guy said…

    So what are your life goals anyway???


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