Colossians 3:17

live intentionally.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

That would be Tuesday, not Wednesday.

Ok, so I guess I spoke a little hastily earlier. My travel agent who is working very hard to put a last minute ticket together for me was not able to get me out on Wednesday like we originally hoped. So the earliest she can get me out is Tuesday (the 12th). The good thing is, I don't have painfully long layovers on any of my trips, and due to lack of avaliability on some legs of the trip I get to fly Business Class...a first!

So, the offically booking of this flight goes through tomorrow morning.

On a totally different note. I played DDRMax2 for 2 hours today. What a workout!! I think if I do that for a good hour everyday (at high altitudes) I will be in decent shape.


  • At 7:47 PM, Anonymous amanda said…

    ok..not only are you addicted to ddr..i think that is unfair that you get to fly business class. what airline is it?


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